Investment Management

Our objective is to provide our clients with the potential for above average gains while at the same time using a system of tactical asset allocation to reduce downside risk. Typically, one of the main objectives facing someone in or nearing retirement is the desire to maintain an accustomed lifestyle without outliving their money. We believe in using a fluid, dynamic and liquid approach to portfolio management and construction. Changes should be made to portfolios based on market conditions only. If changes are not warranted, changes should not be made just to satisfy a "re-balancing" methodology based solely on the time of the year. On the other hand, investments should be adjusted to take advantage of market conditions favorable to company size, investor risk tolerance and sector performance (what businesses are currently being favored in the market). Reductions in exposure to risk should take place when risk levels rise in the market. Our argument is that active portfolio management should provide an investor with the potential to realize higher returns while at the same time maintaining an adequate risk management program. While we do everything within our power to mitigate risks associated with investing, you should always remember that there are risks when investing in the securities markets.