Financial Planning

Financial planning encourages smart financial decision making.

We take a creative and comprehensive approach to planning focused on your distinct needs rather than one-size fits all. We use a dynamic web-based process that allows you to see your plan adjust in real time. 

Our planning portal also provides a simple budgeting and aggregation tool that, if you want, will allow you to see all of your financial holdings and accounts in one place with one log in.

Our planning system also has an encrypted online document vault where you can store important documents such as tax returns, wills, trusts and powers of attorney. This could alleviate a lot of problems should kids or grandkids need these documents for your benefit during a stressful time.

Investment Management

Our focus is to help you protect AND grow your hard-earned capital.  We do this by employing the Hedgeye Risk Management multi-factor, multi-durational modeling system that focuses on identifying where we are in the economic cycle.  This then allows for a broadly back-tested system of identifying the best asset allocations for the economic cycle that we are in, allowing you to be a real full-cycle investor.

The math of the markets only understands rates of change.  If the conversation about investments don’t start and end with numbers and a mathematical perspective…it's irrelevant.  Valuations are an opinion and therefore irrelevant.   

What matters is the acceleration or deceleration from a base effect (the "comp") and the speed at which that acceleration or deceleration is occurring.  The “number” doesn't matter as much as the Rate of Change.  Without an understanding of that basic principle, Wall Street will never make sense and your investments likely suffer. 

Ready for a better way?  Good…you’ve found the right spot.  Come join our family!

  • Custom Portfolios

  • Math, Not Guesswork

  • Discipline and Flexibility

Our Approach

One major difference that you’ll quickly notice in listening to any of my radio shows and podcasts is that I don’t subscribe old Wall Street story telling and pie chart selling (60/40 etc.). That’s not asset management and none of that protects you from major losses. Instead, we're students of Risk Management and we focus on understanding Growth and Inflation through the lens of the Rates of Change (RoC).

Through our partnership with Hedgeye Risk Management, we employ a “go anywhere” strategy of asset management. This simply means we are not confined to the Wall Street staple of 60/40 in US stocks and bonds. “Old Wall” firms that pitch “buy and hold” or are always telling you to “buy the dip” simply don’t have your best interests at heart!

Make no mistake, Wall Street is the in the business of selling you stock NOT helping you manage your money, and certainly not helping you PROTECT your money. When was the last time you heard any Wall Street analyst on CNBC or other major financial news networks telling you to sell something BEFORE is falls? Rare…if ever.

Not at Capstone Wealth Management. We actively manage your portfolio(s) using a "Long / Short" strategy to help you achieve your goals.  While some may view that as "short term", the reality is that you cannot be a great long term investor if you're not good in the short term first!

Retirement Planning

Will you have enough to retire?  Do you even want to retire?!  That may seem like a silly question, but it's undeniable that today's retirements don't look anything like they used to.

We start with a discovery of your dreams and needs.  Then we help you discover where the risks lay that could hurt your chances of achieving those dreams.

There's a complex array of tax and legislative rules surrounding retirement planning today that only compounds confusion. We work closely with attorneys and CPAs to help make sense of those rules and provide the best vehicle to finance your retirement and achieve your dreams (401k's, Roth IRAs, Real Estate, Family Offices, Foundations).  

Estate Planning

Living confidently in the present is knowing that your wishes will be carried out in the future. Along with your attorney and CPA, we'll help manage the plans that will allow you to efficiently transfer your wealth the way you want.

These plans should help minimize unnecessary taxes and expenses. 

Charitable Planning

We offer creative solutions to accomplish your giving goals without interrupting your family's financial plan and stability.

We work with all of your professionals to help you with...

  • Trust accounts
  • Asset Protected Account Structuring (LLCs, LLPs)
  • Appropriate Beneficiary Titling
  • Private Family Offices
  • Foundations
  • Donor Advised Funds
Let's begin.

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